Farther Afield is a design and technology consulting firm specializing in Geospatial Solutions, Map Creation, and Design. We have extensive experience working with non-profit organizations and community groups focusing on conservation, inequities, and community based decisions through geospatial inquiries. Here at Farther Afield, we believe in supporting conservation efforts and access to the great outdoors. That is why we have partnered with 2% for Conservation and are committed to supporting conservation efforts. 


"The Network for Landscape Conservation had a challenging job and short money to accomplish it. Farther Afield took the challenge and designed a geospatial database and web-based display from the ground up. Justin patiently resolved a host of data and communications issues to get the project up and running. We look forward to working with him again. " - Ernest Cook Executive Director 

"When LWV-VA worked on redistricting as a member of VCET, we became aware of Justin's GIS skills. We are proud of our success in completely redrawing the district maps in Virginia because we feel that voters, not politicians, were prioritized in the new maps. However, a completely redrawn state comes with many challenges because all of the lines moved. Knowing that we needed expert help, we reached out to Justin. It is critically important that voters receive correct information. Justin did the "backend" work to get the new district lines entered into our VOTE411 voter tool. He worked with the Virginia Department of Elections to make sure that he had correct information when there was conflicting data. He really went above and beyond. We couldn't have done it without him." - Deb Wake President

Virginia Civic Engagement Table

"Our coalition at the Virginia Civic Engagement Table hired Justin and his team to help us create maps of congressional districts and state legislative districts to submit to the Virginia Redistricting Commission.  Our goal in creating these maps was to work with our partners and draft districts that helped support communities of color, in an effort to keep underrepresented communities together and best ensure that different communities could elect candidates of their choice. Justin and his team quickly created maps for our coalition that we then collectively reviewed, collaborated on, and edited repeatedly until our partners were comfortable and in agreement to submit to the commission for consideration. This process could not have been successful if Justin and his team did not work relentlessly to deliver results for our partners. Justin successfully navigated countless meetings with partners to hear suggestions and proposed edits, he set up individual meetings across our coalition to ensure every partner felt heard for their proposed changes, and he invariably provided accessible and intuitive graphics, maps, data layers, forms, documents, and links for our partners to easily access and understand data. We were able to produce and submit two maps to the commission because Justin and his team worked unfathomably hard to get every line adjusted and every statistic provided. I enthusiastically recommend Justin and his team to anyone considering contracting an organization for this work. Our team’s success is credited to the incredible work that Justin achieved for us and with us. I remain extraordinarily grateful and honored to have worked with him on this successful project."  - Erin Corbett Redistricting Manager 

"Justin is a creative and innovative geospatial analyst and storyteller. He helps our team at the Institute take visualization and the ability to portray complex research and data to the next level in a way that is accessible and inclusive for all audiences. He is a wonderful thought partner during the design and requirements phase of a project and carries attention to detail through to the final phases of implementation. He has a depth of knowledge about geospatial data and how to use it across many disciplines. He is also very responsive and a clear communicator. He is an award winning data and visualization expert and well respected in the field and I highly recommend Farther Field for any of your geospatial project needs. " - Breece Robertson Director, Partnerships and Strategy 

" With a problem-solving and collaborative approach throughout the project, Farther Afield exceeded our expectations on the end-product quality, features, and capabilities. At KSB, Inc. we look forward to continuing working with Farther Afield and recommend them to other organizations looking to develop and implement GIS solutions. " - Luis Maturana Managing Director & President of KSB, Inc.

Custom trail map developed for Los Altos Resort. The map hangs in the lobby and guests have the opportunity to choose from any number of trails that allow for an unforgettable nature hike! From capuchin monkeys, sloths and toucans to awe-inspiring plants and flowers, the hiking trails at the Preserve at Los Altos bring the wonder of Costa Rican nature right to your doorstep.